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# 1 MMSE experiment
12-23-2012, 07:21 AM
now before you yell at me for using the Vesta WITHOUT my Aux DHC's hear me out I did some experimenting last night....

I got myself a couple of threat scaling consoles (plasma proc)
replaced all Phasers with mk XII Polarized Disruptors, Strapped on a Full MACO mk XII set, the Full Vesta Console Set, and the full Omega Borg Assimilated set....

respecced (I bought a respec last night) and made a few changes and respecced my reputation abilities so at T4 Rep I have the Omega Graviton passive that has a chance to bypass shields, and the T4 Romulan Sensor Assault Passive that has a chance to placate

essentially what I have come up with is a ship that 5 Procs on the weapons 6 if you count each threat scaling science console.... so instead of pet spam and mine spam I'm looking into Proc spam...

yes I am pretty sure this is not going to be AS efficient as say the Aux DHC, but from a numbers point of view it looks like I set things on fire regularly... occasionally bypass their shields occasionally placate them and occasionally mess with their power settings..... oh and its nice if I get passed the shields with an Omega Plasma torpedo Mk XII with High Yield II, it will take most of your hull away..... nice little experiment for the Tactical Vesta drivers out there to look into I will bet

so thoughts on what I have done are welcome please ask intelligent questions and please avoid completely torching me like I said this was an experiment....
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