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Originally Posted by starschildren1 View Post
What should be in place is a Profession specific Regen for EACH class.....

Sci=900/6 sec

or maybe it could be boosted by the things you Spec into.
The Tier 4 regen passive already depends on ship shield mod, so sci ships will already get better regen then escorts, with cruisers falling in the middle. Only instead of varying in such a broken way the regen range falls roughly within the 200-300/6sec range. Now if you were taking captain class instead of ship class it gets even dumber. In which case all I'd ask is how you would justify giving so much more regen to a sci escort than a tac cruiser....

Originally Posted by starschildren1 View Post
Ok this is getting a bit stupid.......
Well at least you did warn us about the content of your post before we read it.
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