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12-23-2012, 09:21 AM
The sci torp boat thing... I run em as well I would even say I was one of the first to do so... I don't see an ammo system breaking that setup as much as I see it diversifying it.

Right now my standard sci torp boat will put 3 of same type torps in front... a few mines and a beam in back... frankly its sort of boring. Its fire and forget, its as easy a setup for sci as 4 dhc is for an escort... and its about as creative. (now that its a well known setup)

Once my sci gets high enough rep I will put an omega on it... and that will free up 2 forward weapons slots for me... at that point I have lots of other options.

Doffs are the only thing that make a Torp boat work even with 3 forward torps, with out doffs its a super low dps build. I would like to see a system where doffs are a nice bonus and not needed to make the core mechanic work.
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