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MW is junk as it does not boost resists so unless they are already high it serves little purpose. Try running Maco Shield + 2 piece Borg, dump the field generators for +emitter array embassy consoles of your desired flavor and make sure you have 2 Neut consoles and 1 Mono console. Devices can help out too, shield batteries Subspace Field Modulator, duet suprlus etc can be really useful. Pack a free full shield abilities too like Shield Distro Doffs and/or RSP even at rank 1 is really useful at times. Finally don't ignore +defense boosts in combat such as evasive maneuvers.
You know exactly what I run for my build, admittedly you probably haven't seen it in action but it was only last week I was solo-ing these things with a certain amount of effort involved just to get facerolled by them today, maybe I wasn't paying proper attention, I did have other things going on around me but I am positive the damage has increased since it was fixed
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