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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
The sci torp boat thing... I run em as well I would even say I was one of the first to do so... I don't see an ammo system breaking that setup as much as I see it diversifying it.

Right now my standard sci torp boat will put 3 of same type torps in front... a few mines and a beam in back... frankly its sort of boring. Its fire and forget, its as easy a setup for sci as 4 dhc is for an escort... and its about as creative. (now that its a well known setup)

Once my sci gets high enough rep I will put an omega on it... and that will free up 2 forward weapons slots for me... at that point I have lots of other options.

Doffs are the only thing that make a Torp boat work even with 3 forward torps, with out doffs its a super low dps build. I would like to see a system where doffs are a nice bonus and not needed to make the core mechanic work.
By running torps/mines - you 25 Weapon Power, and are generally only left with two transitions you make Shield/Aux and Aux/Shield that you primarily worry about. Even there, you might find that you're just running your Aux/Shield and doing fine.

As soon as you start adding energy weapons into it - then you're looking at juggling the power - you're losing efficiency as you juggle the three. There's times that you won't have the Wep Juice you need - won't have the Aux Juice you need - won't have the Shield Juice you need.

Again, it's getting pretty rainbow in there. Not only are you splitting energy and kinetic, but you've got the Bill Nye stuff as well.

The torp/mine damage is going to be constant - the energy damage is going to be low to lower. If you're focused on your Bill Nye, you may even consider dropping any Universals you have in your Tac console slots so you can focus more on your Bill Nye while also making sure you've got your armor.

With the Omega firing as it does, you wouldn't be using any other torps unless you were using a special for them or were using them when the Omega was on CD. If it's a case that it's for a special, well - that gets into wasting a BOFF slot, no? If it's a case of waiting until the Omega's on CD... that's wasting a weapon slot, no? It's just not efficient.

Even on an Escort, when you 25 the weapon power to put more into shields - that extra resistance and regen you get from high shield power's going to help with some of that lacking Eng/Sci. Maybe you even split it Shield/Aux - so the heals you do have work better.

As for the DOFFs, even if you're sitting there waiting on an 8s CD...

1 Torp #1
2 Torp #2
3 Torp #3
4 Torp #4

Here many folks are thinking they're waiting until 9 to fire that first torp again. Are they really just sitting there looking at their target? What's that? There's 3-4 weapons aft?

Yeah, you show them your rear. Torp #5. Torp #6. DPB those mines! When you face them again, guess what? You're front torps are ready to fire again.

What the PWOs allow you to do is cut it down from 4 to 3 or even 2 while adding in things like Tric Torps and Breen Clusters. They let you fire that torp every sec continuously - meaning you can spend more time looking at the target instead of working in showing them your rear.

Say you've got Rapid Trans, Rapid Trans, Breen Cluster, Tric Torp mounted fore - cause you like dropping the chained THY Rapids, firing the Cluster and Tric, while flying past your Tric to DPB your Trans Mine, fire off another THY Rapid, and a Hargh on them - then turn to have your Rapids fire...pew, pew, pew, pew... don't forget the 5% KineticProc on all those torps and mines.

That's just so freaking fun to do...

...and you couldn't do it with the proposed changes without a convoluted keybind setup or sitting there clicking.

Hell, it's also fun to replace those Rapids with Plasmas. Launching four targetables at a person that's not paying attention. For clickety fun, replace the Plasmas with a Hyper-Plasma and an Omega. You'll send six targetables at the target - THY Hyper-Plasma (3 Heavy Plasma), THY Omega (the mini bolt), Cluster, and Tric. You get somebody off to the side, get a teamie to have them burn their CSV and hold, then drop Armageddon on them...

As for the Sci guy, I see a difference between building the Sci guy that's going to use torps and the torp guy that's going Sci. The first guy might be doing any of the regular stuff, the torp guy going Sci is going trans (2x Rapid, Cluster - Rapid, Mine, Cluster) and picking hullbusting Sci abilities.

When I make a torp guy, it even shows in the skill build. 9 Weapon, 0 Energy, 9 Projectile, 0 Energy Spec, 9 Projectile Spec. The ship, all the gear, DOFFs, everything is built around maximizing the torp damage...

...and I really don't see how it's that much different than somebody doing the energy guy. You don't expect DHCs to be awesomesauce without building for it (course, folks are very unlikely to touch the Specialization). Why should it be any different for torps?

I know I'm about the flakiest person talking builds on here... but oddly enough I get by flying my cooky instead of cookie builds...

...I still say that a great compromise would be both.

Just like there's the Omega, but still the Hyper-Plasma, and regular Plasma... they could do "Rapid/Charge" versions of the other torps.

A "Rapid/Charge" would be better than a single torp - but it wouldn't be better than somebody that's built for torps.

It would be like deciding between DHCs and Arrays... what are you flying? This is what you use...
...imagine something amusing here...