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Its not that I don't understand how it works.

Yes min maxing power levels ect ect...

Think of the options you would have if you didn't HAVE to have 3 torps + doffs to enable any kinda of dps.

Chron DBB / Time Torp / Chron torp (with ammo) ---- Something usable right.

Harpeng / Time Torp-tric-breen cluster / Omega Torp ---- Usable all torp option that doesn't rely on firing away on torps to proc doffs.

Or yes something more like so --- No you can't always run full aux... but frankly thats sort of boring sometimes... I miss my viable energy build recon... would be nice to see those options again.

DBB / DBB / Torp with ammo
Turret Turret Turret

Look I love torps anyone that knows me, knows that.... the current torp system is much better then it was 2 years ago... however there could be a better system. The fact that Cryptic has already implemented the tech to make it happen. yes I am excited about it a full on ammo system would be a great step forward imo.

I want to see torps on cruisers that aren't a joke....
I want to see sci ships firing more then one type of torp...
I want to see escorts adding Torps as a RELIABLE option to provide Dps...

Right now your right mixing is mostly a bad idea... it is not just a form of rainbow its the worst kind... spread out skill points... can't boost both with tac units... having to dedicate more then half your doff slots... not to mention boff skill slots.

The omega torp tech I think is a great starting point to make all that happen. I think the way we have been forced to min max between energy and kinetic has always been bad design. On Cryptics part.

I know this one won't be popular but this is what I would do if I was the game desginer;

1) There wouldn't be Energy and Kinetic on the skill tree there would be one option for Weapon dmg.

2) I would split every single ships tac consoles, into 2 categories, Tac Consoles Energy / Tac Consoles kinetic... This would not only encourage the use of kinetic weaponry... it would almost make it a no brainer.
A Ship like the bug would have 4 Energy console slots... and 2 kinetic slots.
A ship like the Assault cruiser would have 2 Energy Console slots... and 2 kinetic slots.

A system setup more like that would allow Cryptic to sell (now people really hate me)... ship variants based on that mix... they could flog the Mine Laying X Race Sci Ship... that would only have 1 energy weapon slot... but 4 Kinetic.... Ect Ect.

Honestly the fact that we either have ships with nothing but cannons or beams... and ships with nothing torps flying... is not only super un canon, its also terrible game design imo.
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