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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
As a special weapon, I think it should have the weird torpedo it fired in "Redemption" that seemed to be aimed to damage shields.

This is what the shields on Gowron's ship looked like when they were hit by a disruptor blast:
looks pretty normal, there's a green bubble that flashes for a moment.

This is the strange torp one of the K'vorts fired in that scene:
It's not just a green Photon Torpedo, it's something quite different.

And this is what the BortaS' shields did after they were hit by the torpedo:
Not so standard any more.
And after that the port shields were reported down both by Data who observed that battle and one of the officers on the Bortas.

So how about a torpedo that does a portion of its damage not as kinetic but as an energy weapon?
That IS very interesting I admit. Maybe it'd do less kinetic, but have a good amount of disruptor damage done as well?

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