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12-23-2012, 11:01 AM
Ultimately I agree with Eldarion. Simply resizing an existing model is an utterly daft and shamefully lazy way to design a new ship. If you're gonna make a K'Vort, create a proper new design.

To be honest the very existence of the K'Vort in fannon is something I regard as an idiot, OCD* solution to a problem that would have been better solved by retconning or flat out ignoring. Just because the TNG effects crew couldn't be arsed (or couldn't afford) to keep scale and/or perspective consistent in their composite shots doesn't mean we have to take that absolutely literally no matter how stupid the explanation you're forced to come up with may be. It's like trying to enforce an in-universe reason why DS9 could actually change size from shot to shot.

So sure, if want a "K'Vort" in the game, go for it. But make it a unique model with a vaguely B'Rel-ish profile, not just a straight up resizing of the B'Rel. And no, resizing with a few token details kitbashed into a different scale does not count as a new design.

*Not equating idiocy with OCD, just saying that in this case they're doubled up.

...All that flame-bait said:

@misterde3: That looks a heck of a lot like an in-game plasma torp. In fact, I remember reading fan speculation years and years ago that the original TSFS B'Rel's torps were actually plasma, based on their own unusual "fuzzy ball of lightning" appearance that was inconsistent with the standard movie-era torp effect (and also the abandoned "stolen Romulan ship" idea that informed the BOP's design).

@elandarksky: If they do just fudge it completely and use a scaled-up B'Rel, then I'd totally agree with you: make 'em Raptors at most. If they make a new design like they should IMO, ten it could be anything from a raptor to a heavy cruiser. As noted above the FVX department was never really big on consistency: they're all over the place from one ep to the next. I'd still leanttoward's Raptor though, since the more high profile BOPs seen in DS9 seemed to be more Raptor sized than B'Rel sized, going by interiors and crew sizes.