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Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
@misterde3: That looks a heck of a lot like an in-game plasma torp. In fact, I remember reading fan speculation years and years ago that the original TSFS B'Rel's torps were actually plasma, based on their own unusual "fuzzy ball of lightning" appearance that was inconsistent with the standard movie-era torp effect (and also the abandoned "stolen Romulan ship" idea that informed the BOP's design).
Thanks, I apreciate your response and have to say I thought about a lot of that myself over the past few years.
And while I also think the ship in Star Trek 3 (and5) probably used a Plasma Torpedo, there are several key details to be taken into account.
In both Star Trek 3 and 5, there was some kind of "lid" on the launcher that had to be opened before a torpedo was fired.

Before the torpedo was actually fired, there was some kind of "glowy, sparkly" (sorry, couldn't find any other words to describe it) effect that seemed to indicate that the plasma was concentrated there before it was hurled into space.

The torpedo itself also looks somewhat different:

Both the lid and the glowing stuff was absent from all Birds of Prey that fired Photon Torpedoes, in Star Trek 6 and 7 and most prominently DS9.

So these are clear counterindicators that this particuler BoP used a Plasma Torpedo.
Given the few instances we've seen the Klingons use these weapons, it seems they were probably abandoned a few years after they probably got them from the Romulans.
I find it very unlikely they were still around in the TNG era.

And while the Plasma Torps in this game might look a bit similar, the effect is actually not correct, at least not for the TNG era this type of weapons they are supposed to represent.

They should actually look like this.

There are interesting details to consider on this topic:
The energy weapon the Romulans used in "Balance of Terror" was actually only called "Plasma Energy", never actually was the term torpedo attached to it.
Yes this sounds very nitpicky but it is connected to its characteristics.
It also seemed to be without any kind of solid component in TOS.

In the DS9 Episode "Image in the Sand", Odo tells Kira that the Romulans are appearently stockpiling Plasma Torpedoes, which we know look like the image I linked to above.
So they both look different and are being stockpiled even though we know the version from TOS was actually without any hard component and even degraded over time.
Given this I have to say that the Plasma Torpedoes we have in this game are actually the wrong type both in terms of looks and in terms of functionality.