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12-23-2012, 10:56 AM
Unfortunately, I don't have any metrics behind this, but yes, after a dozen or so STFs it certainly feels like my shields are less efficient than before the patch. This is on both my Sci and Cruiser. If I'm mistaken then I apologize to the Devs and perhaps it's because I got accustomed to the great shielding gained from the bug/mistake/whatever. But it does seem quite different, and it does seem like another one of those 'fixes that went to far'.

I'm really getting tired of this sort of thing. A change gets put in place, a minority of ppl complain immediately, the devs jump as if pulled on a string, and the situation is made worse. If I didn't love Star Trek so much it wouldn't bother me as much but I play this game alot cause I believe/hope it's slowly moving in the right direction, and then BOOM. What's that saying, "Two steps forward, one back"?