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Originally Posted by dontdrunkimshoot View Post
2AtB single cannons excelsior/fleet excelsior

4 single cannons, 4 turrets

TT1, APB1, CRF2/ TT1, CRF1, APO1

EPtS1, AtB1, RSP2/ES2/EWP1, DEM3
EPtA, AtB1

TB1, HE2

station power long form here


omega deflector
omega engine
maco shield


borg, 2 RCS, 1 neutronium

2 flow cap

3/4 energy type consoles


3 purple tech, 2 shield distribution doffs

this is the most dangerous non DHC capable cruiser in STO. it is not a spike killer, but it can deals so much damage over time it almost seems like it is. under the right circumstances, and the right buffs stacked, your enemies will melt in about the time it takes for CRF to end. being such a gradual damage dealer, its damage can evaporated in the sea of cross heals, the number 1 limiting factor to dps cruiser effectiveness. but when it deals dps unhindered, its does so in a big way.

combat logs from a good long match, really got to put it through its paces. over 2000 dps, more then 10k swings, over 1000 crits, and a total of more then 2 million damage.

character is kayla

combat log 1

combat log 2

could i adapt this for a galor or is there something better