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They fixed the T4 Omega healing bug and your opponents are still indestructible?

Don't worry, it's not your piloting. It's Cryptic's latest blunder.

The Elite Fleet Shields have an [Adapt] modifier that provides additional shield resists (like the Aegis set does for hull resists). This adaption can stack up to 5. Each application provides an additional 10% shield resist against the energy type in question. This means that the total additional resist is 1 - (1 - .1)^5 = 41%.

An EPtS3 provides additional shield power and a 30% resist. Converting the power bonus into resist gives an effective combined resist boost of roughly 38% for EPtS3.

The Fleet Elite Shields passive resist stacking is thus better than an EPtS3.

Combining the Fleet Shields with EPtS (or other shield resists like TSS or extend or sci fleet) will put a ship close to the resist cap of 75%. A ship with only 25 base in shields and EPtS1 together with Fleet Elite Shields will have roughly 62% resist.

This bonus is completely out of line and needs to be fixed as soon as possible.