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12-23-2012, 01:04 PM
- At 35 Engine Power, you shouldn't use Hyper-Impulse Engines but Combat-Impulse Engines.

- Assuming you're not including temporary buffs, I don't think 24 Speed is possible at 35 Engine Power (but I can't test, my Engine Power doesn't go below 49~51/25 on any char), on any Ship. Even less so on a .15 Impulse Ship.

- Turn rate: at 35 Engine Power, you'll have trouble reaching 14, I'd think.
Just know your RCSes (assuming Purple XIIs) add 1.6 Turn rate to your Sovereign, regardless of Power Level and that, IIRC, your Ship's base Turn rate is at 50 Engine Power, any lower and it turns slower than advertised.

- Driver Coil doesn't do **** in System Space, outside of FI.

- Max Impulse Thrusters anyway. Speed doesn't only contribute to defense, it also allows you to reach targets faster, which is an end in itself.