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This is an interesting find. I do have to agree however that it sounds like you could be risking having your mission broken in a future update and it would mean a lot of lost work/potential difficulty in fixing it. If the Foundry were at a more stable point in development I would be less concerned about that, but as we're still seeing fairly large changes...

How is the lighting compared to making an interior on an outdoor map?

Another thing this makes me wonder is if DS9 control and Quark's bar are now accessible? If you perform a /loc in those areas in game you get a number that is many thousands off the main level. You can divide that by 3.281 to get Foundry compatible coordinates. When I tried that before it was below the usable map area. This news makes me wonder if that has changed?
That's the annoying part.... Many maps have walkable locations that are outside the allowed spawn area.

See? you can walk on the hull of Utopia Planitia! But, you can't spawn there.

I can haz joystick!
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