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Look I love torps anyone that knows me, knows that.... the current torp system is much better then it was 2 years ago... however there could be a better system. The fact that Cryptic has already implemented the tech to make it happen. yes I am excited about it a full on ammo system would be a great step forward imo.

I want to see torps on cruisers that aren't a joke....
I want to see sci ships firing more then one type of torp...
I want to see escorts adding Torps as a RELIABLE option to provide Dps...

Right now your right mixing is mostly a bad idea... it is not just a form of rainbow its the worst kind... spread out skill points... can't boost both with tac units... having to dedicate more then half your doff slots... not to mention boff skill slots.
Actually, right now the current Torp system is worse. Not long ago, a Mark 12 VR Warhead Yield Chamber was buffing all kinetic damage by 20% which actually made it sort of beneficial to run "Rainbow" Torp builds on certain Sci builds that were built around doing kinetic damage. That means GW, TBR, EWP, HGB and many others Powers were also getting damage buffs from those Tactical consoles as well as one's Torps. I honestly wish they would revert those consoles back to this way. What one might lose in DPS to an actual Torpedo was made up in Kinetic damage from other things like your TBR or EWP or HGB. It wasn't OP. Some numskulls who didn't know what they were talking about just complained too much that you could buff Science abilities in the Tactical console slot. Nevermind that a Tac can buff the damage that Science powers due through their own Tactical buffs more than a Science Officer could which negated some (not all) of their usefulness. That's one of the reasons why we were seeing more Tactical officer's flying Science ships than Science Officers back in the early days of S5. Back then, other than the subnuke and Science fleet and a nerfed Sensor Scan a Sci had very little going for it. Sort of ironic that is....

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