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Problem 1: The saucer section has the wrong orientation for simulating gravity. You'd have the most motion-sick crew imaginable every time the thrusters fired.
A number of solutions have been proposed on the site, such as installing a smaller wheel inside the big one, spinning the other way to negate the motion-sickness that might come. There's also a good nine years (at least) of R&D planned before construction begins.

The reason the saucer is oriented like that of the Enterprise is because the main point of the ship is to be inspirational. If something generic like this were proposed instead, very few people would have been interested. The idea is to latch onto a cultural icon as a way to get people interested in space exploration again.

Nobody's saying the Enterprise is the best configuration. But with some clever thinking, it's good enough to do its job. If necessary, the next ships can have a different layout.

EDIT: According to the site, part of the reason ion engines are planned is because they have a more gradual acceleration - only about 0.0001g. That means a 200 pound person will feel a weight shift of just .02 pounds as the wheel spins. This should not be perceptible.
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