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12-23-2012, 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
TT imho is one of the best skill available, for pvp absolute necessary and for pve quite nice

1. It boost damage
2. It removes bording parties
3. it makes shield more efficent
4. It can be used in combination with TTS to help save kang/freighters in STFs/Fleet actions

IMHO torpedos can be recplaced by energy weapons when you running a +weapon power overcap build.

For PvE 1 copy of TT maybe enough if you don't want to use it in your cycle and use it when necessary. However, running a cannon build without torpedos there is no other skill in the tac tier1. And, as I already said:

4 DHCs + CSV/CRF >> 3 DHCs + 1 Torp + CSV/CRF and THY1 ... imho.
1) Running a cannon build isn't optimal. So saying TT is the best skill for a sub optimal build is fine by me.

2) Anything you said regarding PVE or PVE I already said. Unless you're running your suboptimal cannon build, you still only need one. If you have room and you'd really like two, go ahead.

Whats your point really? Did you just not wish to read my post, just comment on a comment?

And as far as your honest opinion, guess what that is? Your right, an opinion. An opinion that your not lying about. Why toss that in? Are you known for lying? Why would we believe you now if you are?

Your honest opinion on what is or isn't better for regarding cannons is GREAT!

Especially for someone that seems to have issues with breaking down an opponents shields. So please, if you find that you have some type of problem in that area, maybe you should work on that. Maybe you should preface your rating system by saying something like this:

"If you really like keybinds, cycles, and slamming your face on the keyboard until something dies, please use my new priority system."

That could save a LOT of people from reading your posts.
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