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Originally Posted by xiphenon View Post
BO3 is a real killer, escpacially when you alpha with a weapon batt I used it in my BoP, more in PvP to alpha strike. Only problem is the high miss rate (in PvP). But I think in PvM the miss rate should be much lower.

PS: you can even preload it and combine it with BO2. Alpha strike with BO3 and BO2 with a weapon bat and EPTW is realy nasty

Wow. Now this thread is about beam overload and birds of prey? Okay so maybe the OP may want to wander into PVP. He did say that.

Pro tip, if your critting for 30k in PVP with your BO, find a new line of work. And if 'that's more than your seeing' from your torpedos, well same advice. That's pretty sorry.

Just because YOU aren't doing it, doesn't mean it isn't being done.

Cause it is.

And preloading a wep bat is dire.

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