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Originally Posted by erkyss2 View Post
Is this another "NERF PLEASE; ITS BROKEN" thread? Bcs if it is its just LOL.. Elite shields, deflectors, engines, and weapons are supposed to be top stuff in the game. Are u gonna looking for the nerf for elite weapons when they come out? Bcs they are super-duper OP? I guess the answer is yes. Also, total bonus is 15%.
This is another poorly thought out ability. The issue gets back to PvE RoF being very slow compared to the potential RoF in PvP. They should have went w/a lower value than the OP reported from a lesser number of stacks to get to the 15% you claim in a fewer number of hits. Though imo given the other bonuses Fleet shields have I'd go w/10% omni that Maco has and do away w/the required stacking (this flat boost would help PvEers more than stacks from low RoF NPCs even if you believe the 10% is too low and it should be 15%).

A passive plus a chainable T1 boff ability should never get max shield power like resists at min power settings. Though to be fair the test should been done on tribble w/various skill points in engineering skills to establish a low and max benefit baselines. But, I'm not gonna hold that against the OP since he/she has put more effort into than either of us.