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12-23-2012, 01:34 PM
I have not read every page, so these have probably been mentioned. If so, just count these as another "yes" vote.

1. An end to static lag. On every map I visit more than once, on any toon I play, my motion pauses in the exact same places every time; I can line up the toon and set it to auto run through a lag patch and, eventually, it will come out the other side. Memory Alpha is the worst, since there are few straight lines.

2. An end to PvE gankfests where a Captain (rank) in an escort upgrade with all purple gear cannot solo a single enemy ship, regardless of faction or type, under 85% before getting blown up again. Six in a row has made me quit combat completely.

3. I know it is the holiday weekend, but no toon should be stuck in an EmptyMap for more than an hour with a GM help request ticket on file and a) no GM help or even b) a live mail bot indicating the ticket was even received.

So, . . .

Short term: Get me out of the EmptyMap . . .

Mid term: . . . so I can do things other than combat and not have my motion frozen when I do those things.

Long term: None. There is no point in trying to play a game that randomly lock toons in limbo or makes it unpleasant to revisit common maps.

(And, no, I am not quitting, I can just take another couple years off. Besides, the toon in limbo is the one with the stuff you would want anyway.)