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Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
Was the "lid" actually present in ST III? I though that was added in IV or V.
Since dircetly linking to "Trekcore" is not possible, here's a link to an image galery for the recent HD version of Star Trek 3.
In this case you can see the Bird of Prey during its landing on Vulcan.
The lid is clearly visible.

Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
The Torp emitter in III is also physically different, being a flat plate with some kind of glowing panel or mesh pattern on it, whereas all later BOB's have a more traditional gun-like muzzle.

Hadn't seen those eps of DS9, so I didn't know plasma torps were explicitly seen in the TNG era. Interesting to know.

It is plausible though that there are later, more advanced versions of the STIII type plasma weapon, but for reasons of cost or situational utility they aren't standard fittings. That could be used to explain the odd torpedo you linked earlier, as well as maybe why the in game plasma torps are different: maybe something's changed in the decades between DS9 and STO that makes that class of plasma projectiles more economical or advantageous than they were before.
The biggest problem to overcome would certainly be the degradation issue and the power demand.
My guess is the method the Romulans during the TNG era used was to take the Photon Torpedo tech they probably got from the Klingons and replaced the matter-antimatter warhead with plasma.
This could possibly be done out of battle.
The results would probably be similar but without any of the problems of the old version.
Assuming they actually solved that, or reduced degradation to such a degree it's no longer noticable...yeah I guess it would be possible they'd switch back.

Of course the big question for me would be...I don't know...if the solution for this actually appeared at a time somewhere between the shows and STO, what would the Klingons do with this tech? With all its drawbacks?
If they wanted firepower they would have had the giant Photon Torpedoes from the K't'inga (3 deck tall launcher)
that would have fitted perfectly on an upscaled Bird of Prey.

Originally Posted by connectamabob View Post
Might also be possible those are advanced evolutions of the TOS Romulan plasma weapon, but I'll admit I feel that that might be stretching things a bit too much. If not just for for plausibilities sake, I do prefer a more high-profile sense of technological progression. Same reason why I don't like Aztec paneling on pre-movie era Fed ships, or transporters and photon torpedoes in the ENT era. Stuff shouldn't be so homogenous across that kind of time scale. Modern navy ships aren't made of wood planks and don't fire black powder muzzle-loaders, after all.
Enterprise...yeah. It's a touchy subject. Whe I saw them fire their Phase Cannons and Photonic Torpedoes I thought to myself "...right and Napolenon already had machine guns and cruise missiles...they looked and worked exactly like the ones we have today. They just had different names.
They were called mach gun and cruisic missiles."*sigh*