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Originally Posted by voyagerfan9751 View Post
Geordi was blind throughout the entirety of Next Generation and into the movies. So I don't know how canon it is to be able to fix vision problems.

Granted, I don't remember any other references to vision problems, so not sure of the canon nature of glasses, but of all the suggested "Improvements" to this game by the fan base, I have to admit, this one doesn't bother me in the least. I would be fine with an eyeglass or googles option for any captain, science or otherwise.
In fairness to Geordie, it takes more than glasses to fix blindness. IIRC in his case, everything forward of the optic nerve was non functional, so it was more of a "needs entirely new eyeballs" problem than a "needs eyeballs slightly tweaked" problem.

When McCoy gives Kirk a pair of antique reading glasses for his birthday in TWOK, he comments on how those sort of vision problems are usually treated with a chemical ("retinax 5", or something like that), but that Kirk is unusual in that he's allergic. It's kind of treated as if the glasses are special not just for being antique, but because they're functional, implying that you just don't see them anymore in that era.

These days, looking as modern corrective laser eye surgery, I imagine that in the later Trek era getting one's vision permanently and perfectly corrected would be less complicated than having a wart removed in the modern era.

"Doc, I think my little boy might be near sighted."

Doc vaguely waves blue LED wand over patient's face for two seconds

"He should be fine now. Anything else?"