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12-23-2012, 03:05 PM
to those that think torps are FINE, or think this would destroy their builds, i have a couple of questions.

are torpedoes fine on cruisers? are torpedoes being used in game in a way they are intended to be used in canon?

theres no answer other then no on both of those questions. an all torp boat is as uncanon as an all beam or cannon boat. for the single place torpedoes currently shine, decloak alpha insta kill, i don't think the ammo and the changes would effect that much. a HY3 fires torps every half second, and thats haw fast the pure damage torps fire in my proposal.

as far as damage per torp being less, that may be a problem for them dealing kill damage at the right moment like they can now, but but i don't see how someone could survive a BO3, and 2 new style quantum launchers all spiting out HY torps. they would even do significant damage to shields too, they wouldn't be rendered null when hitting them. as cool as they are to watch, decloak insta kills arent really trek, nothing personal to those that specialize in them.

a higher base fireing arc is to allow slow turning ships usability, even if torps were made much better weapons, if they sat unfired most of the time they arent fixed. and a cruiser cant blow a hole through a shield so they can land a perfect torp strike, so them doing a lot higher % damage to shield is needed as well.

how i envision multiple torpedoes to work is that they would fire basically simultaneously, or the next server tic, their per launcher rate of fire limiter not interfering with each other. this would also allow torp boats to spike a HUGE amount of torps into the field at a time, imagine 4 photon launchers with TS on or something. there might have to be a limit of only 2 torps launchers per direction or something.

torp boats though are as uncanon as all energy boats though, torps should be crafted in a way so that a mix of torp and energy is IDEAL on every single ship, and you wouldn't necessarily need high end tac powers to make them do anything.

forgot the missile launcher, i'll add that to the proposal post.
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