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Originally Posted by misterde3 View Post
Of course the big question for me would be...I don't know...if the solution for this actually appeared at a time somewhere between the shows and STO, what would the Klingons do with this tech? With all its drawbacks?
If they wanted firepower they would have had the giant Photon Torpedoes from the K't'inga (3 deck tall launcher)
Could easily be political or cost related rather than tech related. That is, firepower/advantage might more or less comparable, and regional hand-shake deals with a contractor are what got one standardized over the other. Or maybe one empire has more of a given material or labor or tech specialization resource than another, so the weapons they're able to mass manufacture differ respectively. Don't have to go far in the real world to see how it's not always battlefield effectiveness that makes (or even frames) these decisions.

Even Klingons, as battle-focused as they are, are VERY political within their own empire. Easy to imagine a tech that's supported by the wrong house getting buried as a result unless it represented a truly massive advantage.