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Originally Posted by thissler View Post
1) Running a cannon build isn't optimal. So saying TT is the best skill for a sub optimal build is fine by me.
My apologizes, but I missed you very detailed first post for some reason. The last vid about the fleet thorkat is very nice. However, you are using fleet AP DHCs by your own. So what do you mean with your statement that using cannon build is sub optimal? Do you mean a pure cannon build?

If this is so, it is more is a matter of situation. Torps offer high burst damage, but compared to a maximized DHC lesser the dps, at least according to the tooltip.

In fact, in past I used GW + CSV (strip shields) and then TS and found this quite effective in STFs, but read alot in the forums and came to the impression that the dps using pure fore cannon build should be more effective in total (not in all situation though). Never investigated it by using a damage meter. So, maybe you have some numbers actually showing that replacing DHC against torp gives you an average higher dps by initial burst?