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Originally Posted by ocp001 View Post
I'm really curious as to how the results were derived.
Since I don't have access to elite fleet shields myself yet, I found a helpful person on OPVP who had a fleet shield and was kind enough to play the guinea pig for me.

Then I shot him. First with a regular shield with and without EPtS3. Then with the fleet shield again with and without EPtS3.

Then I went started analysing the combat log and calculated the shield resists and compared these values to the expected values from the known formulas for shield power and EPtS. (They matched my expectations.) Since these nubers were "correct", I went on to calculate the resist that originated from the fleet shields.

To get to the stacking issue I went through the log step by step and saw an increase in shield resists from the fleet shield in 5 steps of 10% each (multiplicatively).