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Originally Posted by logang19 View Post
J'tal: we have lost main power and hull integrity.

Will be off for about 2 hours.
Sam: Understood. Stand-by.

Bridge to Engineering.

Lt. Cmdr. James Mitchell *Over Comm.*: Engineering, Mitchell here.

Sam: Commander, how long would it take you to repair the Romulan Vessel?

James *Over comm.*: How badly damaged is she?

Sam: She's lost main power and has major structural problems.

James *Over comm.*: Well, if I can get their Main Power Cores back up and running, I can use the power from that to enhance their structural integrity field and we can help her into a Fold-Jump.

What kind of ship is she?

Sam: Scimitar-Class.

James *Over comm.*: Right.

That's a lot of area to cover, Captain. It'll take at least a day.

Sam: What if you took one of our spare MAMs?

James *Over comm.*: If I took an MAM, it'd take longer cos I'd have to adapt the Romulan Power system to accept them.

I'll take an auxiliary fusion generator and some Red Matter to jump-start their singularity drive. If I work with their teams on board, it shouldn't take any longer than 20 hours.

Sam: Get to it. Take as many people as you need.

Dave, John, get to work with the calculations and power requirements for carrying two ships through a fold-space rift.

David + John: Yes, sir.

Matt: I'll see if I can help out in engineering while Mitchell's away.

Sam: Okay.

*Matt walks over to the turbolift.*

James *Over comm.*: Mitchell to Bridge. I've got three teams here with all the equipment and parts we should need, Captain.

Transporter Rooms 4, 5, and 6.

Sam: Understood. You're cleared to beam over.

*The Engineering Teams beam over and begin repairs.*

*OOC: Be back in 16-18 hours.*
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