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Originally Posted by mothermoy View Post
what type of cannons would work best?
i wish such an obvious question wasn't so hard to answer. just look at each weapon's advantage with the build. single cannons and turrets with good CRF up time will throw the most amount of shots down range of any other build i find, so its cycles through fireing cycles, and thus procs the fasted.

phasers- they turn off subsystems, always handy. but it doesn't deal spiky enough damage to really make a shield proc hurt like it would if DHCs were being used

disrupters- with its hull defense debuff proc, DEM's damage would be enhanced

tetryon- shield damage proc buffed by flow caps, works great with tet glider

polaron- proc buffed by flow caps, lots and lots of pol procs can be devastating, even deactivate subsystems if you get lucky

plasma- actually has synergy with EWP, plasma tac consoles buff the plasma damage it does. use EWP3 as much as possible to make up for the reduced damage it does to anyone using STF shields

antiproton- criting single cannons arent going to hurt that much more then normal. your better off with anything else with several acc mods
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