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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
Hrmmm, not going to touch the canon argument - STO left canon behind a long time.

Something that does stand out though, is the firing arc. 135's kind of an odd number though - only leaves a 90 deadzone on either side. If you had the Wide Quantum on the front, you'd only have a 45 deadzone on either side....
i don't go reaching for canon justification much anymore, but this is something as basic as torpedoes. its a defining start trek feature that separates the game from being a start trek game, to generic space shooter. not only would it look more canon, it would just make torps as good as energy weapons, or at least the opportunity cost for not using at least 1 torp would be higher then using no torps.

i think there should be a torp mod called arc, that would bump it from 135 to 180. 135 is just squarely between 90 and 180.
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