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Originally Posted by thay8472 View Post
Vote Undine!!! Rawr!

Set wise I thought it up while playing with the foundry, their armour looks so cool

now.. yes its built for the Undine.. but maybe they want to make a bipedal set for their infiltrators or some form of crazy humanoid army ? :O

As for the nicor cruiser.. pfft.. why stop there ? :O Undine faction plox. (<--- will never happen)
The sad part is that I think CBS will never allow the Undine to be player usable. Ever. They are just too powerful. Set your difficulty to Elite, and then fight the Undine. That's an NPC controlled one. Now imagine that with a player behind the wheel. Hence why they will never be made available for player use.

As for a bipedal version for infiltrators? They're shapeshifters. They don't need it XD. Also if you look at their armor, it's almost exclusively torso and head armor. They don't use leg armor other than shin-guards.

Even so, would kill to be able to play as an Undine, or at least get one as a BOff (hopefully it comes with sick armor like the Battle Leaders).

As for why stopping at the Nicor Cruiser? Mostly because you never see anything more than that in canon, and tbh, it's powerful enough as is, you don't need more =P
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