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Imma guess you didn't get to read my post. TT is fine. Depending on why you have it. If you're running it primarily to balance your shields things may not be so good. But that isn't the fault of TT. And for PVE in any case you can likely get away with just one. Not two. Except for maybe that escort the freighter mission where almost all you really need to be stellar is two copies of TT.

So things change according to each mission and it can be vey helpful to change up according to what it is you'll be doing. If that's the sorta thing you like. I know I like to mess around and make a core to my build, and then leave room for adjustments around that depending on my opponent.

Cheers and happy flying!
I did read your post, it's just that it was a little cryptic and I'm not entirely sure I understand what you're saying...

Sure, you don't really need two copies of TT in PvE. I even said as much. Hell you don't need any copies when it boils down to it. However, there are niche situations in PvE where you won't get the same mileage out of another skill. I pointed to the Kang being one such example.

In PvP, I absolutely use TT for shield balancing... I can sort of see where you're going with this and trust me, I've tried using high TT ranks for burst and it just isn't worth it, your healers will starve for lack of TTs being doled out by their escorts and it leaves a hole a mile wide for an opponent to blow through one end and out the other.

In fairness, this is a thread about the Fleet Vorcha, and you could argue that Klink ships shouldn't be getting into shield slugging matches in the first place. In lieu of not being completely sure what your angle is, I'll save from posting about this any further.

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