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Originally Posted by aquitaine985 View Post
I've only seen a few of theses Russians and they didn't seem very interesting, but then it wasn't anymore then two at any given time.

Dev, you guys should be able to beat any current premades without resorting to cheese, you have the players to do that. Don't resort to their level of play in order to win.

You can put a jigsaw together, and it might take you a long time but you'll do it.
You can put a jigsaw together, and use a hammer to just bash random pieces together until it's finished, it wont look as good, as it doesn't make a picture, by damn does it use all the pieces.

TSI has a growing assumption about it that cheese is a given in order to win. Why give into that? At least Tripwire's building bridges on the part of Nova Core and it's questionable tactics. So I'm sure you guys are more then capable of bringing some A-Game that doesn't leave a nasty taste afterwards. ;D
Who the heck said were resorting to cheapness and cheesy stuff? Im just pointing out an observation, despite what i have advocated before. Aaaaaaaaand i want more premade matches running, sir!
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