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12-23-2012, 05:51 PM
Guys, guys, I don't mind borg hitting hard, I don't mind dying to borg... so long as I have a chance to counter, then it is down to my error not simply being wiped off the face of space for teh lols, I use full Mk XII MACO space set, it's DESIGNED to protect me from borg attacks.

Yes borg SHOULD hurt, but no brog should NOT be able to wipe you out from ful health with over 50% resist to everything (and some more to kinetic) in 5 seconds flat, THAT is what I have a problem with, even 10 seconds and I can say "Well yeah, pilot error" but 5 seconds? nah, that's "***** please, I'm bored of you now, goodbye" (In a good Ann Robinson voice).
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