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12-23-2012, 06:24 PM
the KDF has NO shortage of battle-cruisers. none. we have, in fact, the best cruisers in the game (and the worst-see "Bortasque").

What KDF lacks are in two major areas:

1. No Science-ship equivalent short of the Vo'Quv (excepting two Gorn vessel types, both of which are out-classed by Fed ships at one tier lower).

2. EFFECTIVE escort-class vessels. Raptors are basically 3/4 scale gimped cruisers in terms of capability, and again, stand about equivalent to Fed escorts 1-3 tiers lower on the tech/capabiilty ladder.

Now, the K'Vort is based on the same art as the B'rel, and only non-canon sources derived from screen-shots really exist regarding length, width, wingspan and class.

Further, going off of CANON statements from the television series, the Defiant is not an "Escort", it's a battleship, so relying on one script from one episode is problematic at best regarding a throwaway line referring to a vessel that only got a few seconds actually on-screen.

In terms of the GAME, KDF science types usually end up riding BoPs as the go-to substitute standard for the role...

So make it what it would naturally be: A true Science ship, with a Battlecloak, shield mult at .99 (a sop to the Feddies), all universals with the following fixed equipment:

4 Science consoles
3 engineering consoles
3 Tactical consoles.

Give it a hull of 30,000 flat, a crew of 150-200 personnel, and a base turn rate of 17, with a fast impulse modifier, 4 weapons front, 2 rear.

IOW, a genuinely IMPROVED Bird of Prey, heavier than a Heggie, so it has a slower turn rate, but makes up for the loss of turn rate by being tougher to take down while decloaked, with ACTUAL science-ship powers (integral subsystem targeting, sensor analysis).

This would fit into a natural evolutionary progression for KDF design work-the Hegh'ta is bigger than the Ki'tang, which is bigger than the Norgh, which is, in turn, bigger than the base-model B'rel, whose IBC gains from the ability to mount armor consoles to make up for the area-of-effect danger posed to cloaked vessels.

For the K'Vort, then, you give it a slight bump DOWN in turn rate, better straight-line impulse modifier, better shields when decloaked and the same TOTAL number of weapons as a Fed or Gorn Science ship, laid out in a more "Klingon" manner.

It leaves room for Raptors and BC's, and room for existing BoPs-it doesn't obselete any of them, nor does it obselete the Gorn vessels, but it would provide a good platform for Sci captains and a GREAT platform for everyone else-depending on role.

and technically, it COULD then be mistaken by Picard/Riker/etc. as a "Cruiser".
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."