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Originally Posted by antoniosalieri View Post
Well this shield... the annoying tier 4 passives that people somehow still complain about despite the fact that there still game breaking...

Honestly at this point they just need to delete pvp. Really whats the point... as much as I didn't like MWO my first go around with it ... guess thats where I'm off to.

Crytpic you have completely unrepeatably destroyed whatever hope I have had that you guys would ever correct pvp. Trying to kill anyone these days is frustrations galore. Its honestly comical... at his point I honestly hope you guys just shoot straight with your customers. Tell us PvP will never ever be a priority, and then just remove the que from the game. Really if this is pvp in this game don't even bother just delete it and force everyone to PvE for there Dilithium or play something else.
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