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Originally Posted by lietenant View Post
I'm working on the design of this opening (or whatever they call it). I'll post the result when it's ready!
Looking forward to it. Every model of the BOB I've ever sen, CG or physical, has used the later torpedo tube muzzle. I'd love to finally see one that uses the original Plasma emitter.

Originally Posted by lietenant View Post
It also looks to me that this is a two sided object which flips around to show one side or the other. I'n not quite sure about that yet.
Well, on the original studio model it's a solid cylinder that extends diagonally downward out of the hull (you can see this in the first big pic in patrickngo's first reply to my first post). However, I like the idea that on the "real" ship it's a reversible object. Something like a searchlight or signal light in structure, I imagine.

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