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The real one, or the one in game? Cause the one ingame, a high bar it isn't.
Both! Blinded by high beams and being hit by a bus doing 60MpH or the Galaxy X (Z's HDX in-game) decloadking, subspace jump, DEM 3, APB, and lances through my shields with her tac, critting me to death on a single shot. Neither are like cuddling with a fleece blanket.

Z really knows her builds well and I am thankful to be able to test my ships (means they explode consistantly) against hers to see how they hold up. Every build has a weakness and this is Z's true strength. Finding that weakness and ripping a hole in your hull open big enough to pass Jupiter through. My uncanny Vest abuild for example. I had no clue what I was going to do with it to keep the Aux DHC's but Z suggesting something that literally made the build go from useless to practical. Tractor Mines! Staying on target was a huge challenge until using these. Keep the Runabouts and the Borg Tractor Beam all help in imobilizing a target instead of me trying to chase it like an escort. Most would find this build impractical but it's one I enjoy, works well in PvE, and holds some promise for casual PvP. If anyone is interested in it. I can post it in our shipyard section on before heading out for the holidays this afternoon.
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