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Further, going off of CANON statements from the television series, the Defiant is not an "Escort"
Wut? They officially designate it an Escort in "The Search: 1".

It's a warship, but since the Federation doesn't build dedicated, offensive warships, they officially designated Defiant an Escort.

In the television series.

Sisko: "Officially, she's classified as an escort vessel. Unofficially, the Defiant's a warship. Nothing more, nothing less."

The Search: Part I

So yes. Defiant is officially an Escort.

As for the K'Vort's size, we have the "Yesterday's Enterprise" article on Ex Astris Scientia.

When three Klingon cruisers attack the two Federation ships, one of them can be seen passing by above the Enterprise-D. The Klingon ship (in flight mode, wings horizontal) is almost 400m wide, giving us a length of more than 350m. It is obvious the VFX team intentionally scaled them up so as to pose a visually considerable threat to the Galaxy and Ambassador classes.
Sorry, I don't think a ship 400 meters wide would look proper flying around like an escort. At all. The Mogai already looks ridiculous zipping around like an escort.. And we have it officially designated, in that timeline at least, as a battlecruiser. And it's that timeline we're "celebrating".

Gonna' say the same thing I said in the Ambassador thread.

Remember, these are free ships that EVERYONE is going to have access to after doing a 10 minute mission. They shouldn't be super-mega effective. They should look cool, be playable, but they shouldn't represent a new standard in any way, shape or form.

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