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12-23-2012, 08:50 PM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
But thats what its going to do. I mean heck every other equipment in the game will be obsolete and players will be piedgonhold into these elite thingies cause they simpy are way better. No one is going to bother with MACO or whatnot any longer at this rate.
thats really not true. sure these sheilds are way better then i would have thought. i mean aegis is crap today. but i still love my maco. wither its mk11 or mk12. no real difference bewteen the two. ill get my systems boosted which means better sheild regen, and speed/turn. my healer is going to have extends x2. i do understand teh resist of these shields. well least i do now after hilberts post. but even if they are not brought inline ill still use my maco mk12. also my bug is using tet glider and ive seen it punch a hole in an rsp on a crusier. not sheild proc but facing proc. and i was solo when this happened. so if a full team is using this sheild then my whole team will just run tets. now if the other team is using this sheild with tet things can get ugly. but i have noticed odd things when i had to gun after people using this new sheild. glad i understand now.