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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
Wut? They officially designate it an Escort in "The Search: 1".

It's a warship, but since the Federation doesn't build dedicated, offensive warships, they officially designated Defiant an Escort.

In the television series.

Sisko: "Officially, she's classified as an escort vessel. Unofficially, the Defiant's a warship. Nothing more, nothing less."

The Search: Part I

So yes. Defiant is officially an Escort.

As for the K'Vort's size, we have the "Yesterday's Enterprise" article on Ex Astris Scientia.

Sorry, I don't think a ship 400 meters wide would look proper flying around like an escort. At all. The Mogai already looks ridiculous zipping around like an escort.. And we have it officially designated, in that timeline at least, as a battlecruiser. And it's that timeline we're "celebrating".

Gonna' say the same thing I said in the Ambassador thread.

Remember, these are free ships that EVERYONE is going to have access to after doing a 10 minute mission. They shouldn't be super-mega effective. They should look cool, be playable, but they shouldn't represent a new standard in any way, shape or form.
GHAGH!! sorry about the mistake on the Defiant, but if you've got issues with the Rommy escorts, you maybe should have a look with your shuttles and fighers some time-the Player Tu'Doj fighter's so out of scale it's almost BoP sized (and IS bop sized compared to carrier-pet B'Rel's and B'Roths.)

But as I pointed out-we've GOT cruisers-good ones, better than the competition in most *(non-lockbox) terms.

The Vor'Cha is flat-out BETTER than a Galaxy, the Negh'var's flat out better than an Assault Cruiser, the Tor'Kaht's considered by some to be the largest escort in the game for its manuever and ability to sling the DPS, the K'Tinga's almost an Escort as well.

What we do NOT have, and DO need, is a dedicated sci that isn't a Carrier, but IS comparable to equal-tier Fed vessels. We do NOT have that.

a K'Vort could EASILY be the basis for such a ship-and based on KDF ship architecture and the appearance, it's a hell of a lot more likely to be something OTHER than yet another cruiser. Remember, the Vor'Cha and the Negh'var in side-by-sides on the show, were about the same physical size or slightly LARGER than the NCC-1701D.

So video evidence, and fansite scaling probably should NOT be relied upon to decide a ship's class in the game. Better, instead, to build something that, (unlike the Craptastic Bortasque) actually fits into the evident and apparent design ethos of the KDF, while filling a role that is quite evident in it's lack-and would be seen strategically as a crippling situation that had to be addressed, were the characters acting as they should in wartime, and trying Electronic warfare capabilty is another weapon, if the KDF is deficient anywhere, it's in that area-but as warriors, they'd be unlikely to reject such systems, or neglect them once it became apparent that such systems can and do have significant impact on the battlefield.

There are reasons you see similarities within classes-look at how Raptors follow a set guideline for how they're made, or KDF Cruisers (minus the craptastic Bortasque). From a warrior perspective the reason for similarities is quite apparent-a similar layout simplifies maintenance and combat training. KDF Sci officers have been using BoPs for years, the K'Vort is laid out like a BoP, not a Cruiser-the reason would follow that if they needed a cruiser for the role, they'd use a chassis similar in layout to an existing cruiser, not design a new cruiser with huge areas of essentially single-use or non-use spaces just to get a look like an oversized bird of prey.

That is the logic from an in-universe perspective. Out of universe, we already HAVE cruisers that are better than the Feds and only matched by Lockbox ships. We don't NEED another Cruiser.

It's what we do NOT have, what we LACK, that needs addressing, that means basing it on either a Raptor, or BoP chassis. of the two, it's easier to justify using the BoP as a basis, with bird of prey like flight characteristics (slightly beefed up) than it is to make a giant cruiser styled like a Bird of Prey, then explain it later.

fWIW, I think Stahl's probably tired of having to explain things that don't make sense, ditto for Borticus.
"when you're out of Birds of Prey, you're out of ships."