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Originally Posted by centersolace View Post
Quite a few. All the "Moar Story Missions RAWR" threads were getting to me.
I see your point. I generally tend to see the story arc of an mmo as the means of leveling, then I run around doing whatever activities of interest there may be. My take on that here would be "moar story if they increase the level cap to go along with it". But since the leveling arc was skewed you already have more story than needed for that so I feel like it's long enough. My issues with it would be better served by going back and writing variations into the missions that bring them a bit more to life. If you play as X race it's never acknowledged that you're playing as X race at any point in the story arc, most missions play the same for all classes, loose plot ends could be mitigated out, stuff like that.

I'm pretty abnormal though it would seem. I'm more in favor of things that make the game closer to a sandbox environment than a linear progression environment.
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