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12-23-2012, 10:40 PM
I did enjoy the Klingon exclusive missions. The storytelling is not good by any means but they do have mood and are so over the top I can't help but to enjoy them even when I do replay them. The rest is pretty weak.

The worst offender I do believe is the overarching story. The set up with the balance of power being broken and the chaos that does follow was a nice one. Did it really need the Undine, the Iconians, the Borg, and everything else thrown in? I do believe it would be better if they had just told a story of war and politics with the major powers all trying to take advantage of the situation.

And either way it would have been better with actual writters on board. The dialogue and the flow of the plot are painful, and the need of the Federation to end most of the random Cluster missions with a half-assed Aesop being forced down our throats is almost insulting.