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I would just need a stupidly good epic plot.
Dream sequence.

How about this. You are told to report to ESD/Q'onos where you meet with Admiral Quinn/Chancellor J'mpok. There they tell you that they recently received a disturbing report of increased Undine and fluidic rift activity from a listening post in the Pelia sector, and that post went silent shortly after. Rescue ships were sent and only brought back one survivor, and to go and see that survivor and get a report.

You then head to the Sick Bays in either map, where you talk to the doc who tells you that the patient is permanently comatose, but you can still access their mind via neural link. So you then head to a bed, and do the neural link, where you see the survivor and they tell you that before the post was destroyed, they were touched by the mind of an Undine, and that this is what they saw:

And then from there, you can see things from an Undine point of view, where you basically do an Alpha Quadrant Invasion, where you and a fleet of other Undine ships basically attack and destroy enemy fleets (3 or 4 of them, Borg, Dominion, UFP, and KDF) and then land on and attack ESD and Starfleet Academy, or First City and Klingon Academy (depending on your side, or you can just do both), and it ends with a final massive battle against an Allied Alpha Quadrant fleet in the Pelia sector (surviving UFP, KDF, and RSA ships) where they were trying to stem the tide of invading Undine ships, culminating in an Undine victory.

From there, you can then "unplug" from the survivor and report back to Quinn/J'mpok. And mission over.

Just an idea...
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