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# 1 Fleet Defiant or Armitage?
12-23-2012, 11:53 PM
I don't do PvP, but I do like STFs. My toon is an engineer.

I've been flying the Defiant-R since I made VA. I was actually a subscriber then, so I got it with a token. She's been a good ship but I'm ready for something else. I've got a short stack of dilithium and my fleet just finished the tier 3 shipyard. So, now I can either get a Fleet Defiant (buy the C-Store Defiant-R and fleet module) or get an Armitage.

I'd kinda like an Armitage because I've always liked the Akira. The Akira has the same console layout, same weapons, same shield modifier, turns slightly slower, but picks up a LTCmdr Engineer slot. The Fleet Defiant has an extra tac console slot. I'd basically be paying 2500 Zen for a console slot. Would it be worth it?

If I got an Armitage should I get the Thunderchild and use both PD Consoles? Right now I'm using three Antiproton Mag Regulators Mk XI and the assimilated console. Would I take a huge hit in DPS if I dropped one of the AP Mag Regulators?

What do you guys think?