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12-24-2012, 12:08 AM
I half agree. that is, I agree that the stories and storytelling in STO are weak and poor, but I feel the answer to this is "make better stories", not "make fewer stories".

Moreover I feel like the gameplay really isn't that great either, either for an MMO or a game in general. STO as it stands is sustained almost entirely by its IP, and the gameplay is truthfully only just good enough to be passable. Without the Star Trek IP holding it afloat, STO would be dead.

Which is actually even more damning than it sounds. An IP capable of making that big a difference is a powerful asset that could be exploited/leveraged to make a much bigger, better, more competitive, and much more profitable game. Any ambitious company would kill for a opportunity like that: a gigantic built-in fanbase with enough momentum to both multiply any successes exponentially and to forgive/cushion the most ambitious risks, but Cryptic/PWE is content to squander it doing (and earning) the absolute minimum. It's such a fantastic waste, from a business, a fan, and a gamer perspective all at the same time, and Cryptic/PWE should be smacked upside the head for taking what they've got for granted.

It's like seeing a guy spend all night listlessly browsing crappy amateur porn on the net while Rachel Hunter sits dejectedly on the bed behind him. You just want to kick the ****er.

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