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Originally Posted by wunjee View Post
If they want to do that with the C-store version that's bound to be released at some point after the free one, so be it.

But the free one that everyone can easily get shouldn't be a stepping stone, and shouldn't be particularly better at anything than anything else we've already got.

Which is why I'd like to see it as a Battlecruiser that's about as capable as the tier 4 Vor'Cha, but more maneuverable, with a 4/4 arrangement, with the original Bortas' BOFF layout and the ability to cloak.

I'd play it. Hell, the tier 4 Vor'Cha was the only ship I used until I got my Flor'Kaht

It's an alternate timeline ship..Nobody says it has to make sense..In the universe the 3rd anniversary event will be celebrating, IE, the universe of Yesterday's Enterprise, the K'Vort was a battlecruiser.

They even say "K'Vort-class Battlecruiser" onscreen.. my case, if they bend to the wills of the majority, it'll go alongside the OTHER ships I won't be buying. I'm pretty happy with the existing Vor'Cha (and Mirror variant, and Retrofit variant), intend on a Negh'var, and will never-again-after-seeing-it-in-tribble-touch the Bortas/Bortasque.

For that matter, we HAVE a faster-turning Vor'cha, it's called the Tor'Kaht, and said vessel has a fairly superb Bridge officer arrangement already for a BC-there ain't a lot of room for improvement there. a "K'Vort Battlecruiser" is redundant, covers ground already well-covered, and offers nothing we don't already HAVE.
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