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12-23-2012, 11:38 PM
where does the whining originate? well, the only place I've seen where lots of people can be exposed to Tric mine spam is Ker'rat, and the only reason, is the tendency of certain...factions in Ker'rat to camp the spawn point.

Tric mines do a fair job of clearing campers. Not GREAT, just Fair.

Of course, when one's entire strategy is to camp the spawn, well...I could see where having something that can foul that up might be kind of painful-esp. if you're doing it (as most Feds do in Ker'rat) out of spite (they don't have "Kill marker" missions like the KDF does...), having those Lulz interrupted by booms could be kind of disconcerting.

Naturally, Cryptic will 'solve' this by making a weapon that's really only useful under an extremely narrow set of circumstances (like the spawn zone in Ker'rat) absolutely worthless.
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