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12-24-2012, 01:03 AM
The main game I've played was actually a pure pvp game but in sto I don't pvp at all.

I play for the items and rewards in sto and so it's natural to pve so people's purple consoles work for me and I get max profit for my time.

In addition to that, having inferior stats is a game I will always lose, not least because I messed up on all my character creations and have no way to respec them...

Yeah you could force us into a repuation system for pvp marks to earn new gear but it won't solve the lack of intrinsic interest for pvp.
How will you prevent one team from queueing up in shuttles or remove their shields to just get over and done with and what happens to pvp when people are through the repuation system, you have to come out with a new one to keep people grinding?

Also is there even a playerbase for it regardlessly of how great you might possibly make it?