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12-24-2012, 02:26 AM
Originally Posted by pwebranflakes View Post
I didn't say it did But, once you guys start hearing about Season 8, which will be our largest update yet (by far!), you'll start to see what a full team will be able to bring to the game each season going forward.


Brandon =/\=

I can't wait for Season 8

But will the bugs be as big as the storycontent? :-P

With the involvement of the devs in the PvP forum and the patch notes PvP gets more attention than ever. The PvP camp even had a spot on the STO front page !!!

I think we will see next year more updates and bugfixes for PvP than ever before.
But I'm not sure if a reputation system with more passives will be a good thing.
If they affect PVE too than you will have a lot of players who will whine that they want the new passives without doing PVP in order to be able to overcome the OP borg
Not to mention that you have another power creep and source of bugs in the game.

If you add more rewards for doing pvp you risk that even more AFK'loosers in teh queues.

Tricky situation xD