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I notice the PvP Reputation system being mentioned again, and it concerns me. Because it would have to be presented in a way that it's not able to directly affect PvP, and done in a way that PvErs could completely opt out (for it wouldn't affect PvE as well).

Why? Because we seen in the past that PvErs didn't want to PvP at all, were in it for the marks / emblems and caused people who did want to PvP, to lose diliberately. So this would cause unwanted frustration in the community.

And for a PvP Reputation system that did boost PvP prowless would only cause a greater gap between hardcore and casual (or new) PvPers. Right now, a properly geared ship / character in a veteran's hands already cause a wide enough gap between Hardcore and causal PvPers, so adding more of a gap would only serve to be a negative.

So then what purpose could a PvP reputation then serve if it cannot be used for PvE or PvP? Which makes me hope that Cryptic carefully considers such angles when planning a PvP Reputation system.
I figure cosmetic items-costumes and the like, rather than powers and abilities would be more workable than new Passives or fancy gear. Cosmetics and Titles, little stuff, ways to say "been there, done that, got the shirt/hat/whatever". ANY PvP rep system would be intrinsically different in one regard from the Omega/Romulan system, in that it should only reward winning-you only GET the marks if you or your team win the match, otherwise de-nada.
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